Greg - Strutter

​(And Lucy)

Chantal - Strutter

(And Buddy)

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PART-TIME DOG WALKER JOB DESCRIPTION in Arlington, Belmont, Lexington and nearby areas
·       Deep love for dogs and other furry critters.
·       Reliable car and clean driving record.
·       Smart phone with text messaging.
·       Ability to self-manage and adhere to a tight schedule.
·       Willingness and ability to walk in all kinds of weather conditions.
·       Ability to pass a background check and be bonded.
·       Super reliable and responsible – our clients depend on us for their health, safety, and welfare!
·       Flexibility – sometimes things change at the last minute.
·       Ability to manage all types of dogs – little fluffy white ones to large, strong alpha dogs.
·       Not allergic to dogs, cats, birds, fish, or other domesticated animals.
Your four-legged client (and his people) is counting on you to assist in maintaining a healthy exercise program, enjoying social interaction and relieving himself during the day. Dog walks vary by pet’s needs and generally occur between 10 am and 2 pm but hours may vary.

Accountability and trust! The foundation of our relationships is built upon trust so we need you to be true to your word and diligently follow through. Sense of humor! With animals as with humans, humor is often the best approach.

Michelle - Manager

Kato - Alpha Strutter

Colleen - Strutter

(And Rudy)

Nick - Strutter

​(And Chloe)

Daria -Chief Tail Wagger

​(And Otto)

The StrutnPup Pack!

After many years chained to a desk I decided to go off leash and run free by starting my own pet service business. Ever since I can remember I was surrounded by animals. In fact, my family proudly boasts a long lineage of canines who were always a part of every family gathering. From the time I discovered the love of animals, at a very young age living in Africa, I knew I was hooked. Growing up there I cultivated a profound respect for and understanding of animals. 

With that in mind I created StrutnPup. A pet service company that caters to the needs of pet owners including: pet sitting of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals, dog walking and exercising, veterinary visits, plant watering, mail collection, holiday or vacation care, and special care for young, elderly, and sick animals.Daily excursions are also available such as beach walks and hikes. StrutnPup offers a full and active visit with pets. Dog walks are dynamic and engaging keeping the dog’s mind healthy and alert. Pet sitting services include multiple daily visits, play time and cuddles. Rates start as low as $15.00 and StrutnPup is fully bonded and insured for all services provided. StrutnPup is also a proud member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Inc.

As an animal lover, I want to create a safe haven for pets - a way to enhance their lives and provide a healthy environment using a reliable and trustworthy service. My goal is to give each animal the love and respect they deserve. So please give me a buzz or drop me a note and join my pack !


Arlington, MA - Department of Recreation Press Release 3-18-2015

Arlington, MA - Chamber of Commerce Press Release 8-13-2014