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Question: What is the difference between pet sitting and pet boarding?

Boarding usually means a pet is removed from its familiar surroundings to stay at a boarding facility. While there are some decent facilities out there, this can put undue stress on pets and there is the potential to put the pet's health at risk (kennel cough, parasites, etc.). Pet sitting is a superior option because pets stay in their own home and maintain their normal activity and feeding regimen. StrutnPup does BOTH pet sitting and boarding in our homes for the pets entrusted to us.


Question: Do you take pets into your home?

Yes, we make daily visits to pets in their home to walk, feed, water, administer medications, play and cuddle them AND take them into our own. 


Question: What are some of the services that StrutnPup offers?

There are many situations when pet care services are needed:

  • professionals working long hours whose pets need quick breaks or given medication

  • people who temporarily need pet services because they can't care for their pet, i.e. post surgery

  • seniors who can no longer take lengthy walks or go to the dog park

  • anyone who can't find time with their busy schedule to take pets to appointments (vet, grooming, etc.)

  • people who are ready for a professional pet sitter rather than relying on a friend or neighbor to watch their pets


Question: What is a "professional" pet sitter?

At StrutnPup, calling ourselves "professional" carries with it standards of excellence and ethics. Your pets get the best care and you are treated with respect and courtesy. We are registered as an LLC with the State of Massachusetts; we are insured and bonded; we are committed to providing our services in a reliable, trustworthy and caring manner; we are committed to continuing education and professional development; and we are members of NAPPS and support their Code of Conduct

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