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Dog Training
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Professional Consultations and Training

Our certified trainers know dogs - and how people interact with their dogs.


Whether you have a new puppy just learning manners, basic obedience commands, or how to walk well on a leash; a new rescue who is settling in; or a dog who has developed some bad habits, StrutnPup trainers can evaluate and develop a training plan customized just for you. We love working with every type of challenge, including reactive dogs!


We are graduates of The Animal Behavior Institute and are CACTP, Certified Advanced Canine Training Professionals and CCTBS Certified. 


StrutnPup uses only positive reinforcement training methods which have been scientifically proven to have better outcomes than other methods.




Individual Training Sessions*

30 Minutes - $ 65 per dog

60 Minutes - $ 150 per dog

Training Walks

20 Minutes - $ 30

30 Minutes - $ 40

Add $10 for extra dog per household.

*Note that all training takes place in your location.

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